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up Orchestras

The Billings Symphony

The Billings, Montana, Symphony Orchestra.

The Bozeman Symphony

The Bozeman, Montana, Symphony Orchestra.

The Butte Symphony

The Butte, Montana, Symphony Orchestra.

The Great Falls Symphony

The Great Falls Symphony, Great Falls, Montana.

The Helena Symphony

The Helena, Montana, Symphony Orchestra.

The Missoula Symphony

The Missoula, Montana, Symphony Orchestra.

up Music Dictionaries

Naxos: Music Glossary

Look up musical terms.

up History, Theory

About Major and Minor Scales

All major and minor scales with an explanation of their structure.

The Note Pyramid

The Note Pyramid is about note values.

Clef Signs

About clef signs and the name of the notes on the staff and leger lines.

Time Signatures

Time signatures explained.

Key Signatures & the Circle of Fifths

The circle of fifths shows how key signatures are organized.

up Organizations

Music Educators Nat'l. Conference (MENC)

A leading association of music educators.

National Music Teachers Association (NMTA)

A leading association of music educators.

Piano Technicians Guild (PTG)

A national association of piano technicians and piano tuners. Grants "Registered Piano Technician" credentials.

American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

The musicians' union.

Suzuki Association of the Americas

About the Suzuki method of teaching music.

International Music Products Association

A promoter of music education. The website features information on music education, programs, opportunities.

up Schools, Colleges

Helena, Montana, School District

The Helena City School system.

East Helena, Montana, Schools

The East Helena City School system.

Montana State University Department of Music

Montana State University, Bozeman, Department of Music.

University of Montana Department of Music

University of Montana, Missoula, Department of Music.

Music Makers Conservatory

A great location for private music lessons, and group learning experiences for kids of all ages.

up Ballet & Dance

Queen City Ballet

The ballet source in Helena, Montana.

up Music Stores

Piccolo's Music

Piccolo's Music, 1401 11th Avenue, Helena, Montana 59601, (406)443-4709, (800)474-2546.