Keyboard Kids for Kindness

Any student of a participating HMTA-member music teacher may participate in the KeyBoard Kids for Kindness practice challenge. Here's how it works. With a parent's assistance, choose a charity that you would like to help.

With a parent's help, decide on a unit of practice time and a suggested unit of sponsorship. Tell your sponsors your goal for daily or weekly practice, and ask what they would like to pledge for each unit achieved.


  1. Learn as much as you can about how your favorite charity works so that you can answer your sponsors' questions.
  2. Make copies of and use the Sponsor Introduction Letter to help you talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and parents' friends... anyone you and your parents think might want to help with this project!
  3. Use Chart A to keep track of your sponsors' names and pledges.
  4. Use Chart B to log your practice hours for six weeks.
  5. At the end of six weeks, add up the results and print enough copies of Chart B for each of your sponsors, your teacher, and one to keep.
  6. Collect from each of your sponsors and personally make your donation, showing your charity what you have done.

Print out these letters and forms, and talk to your parents and your HMTA teacher to get started . . .

Practice Challenge Letter
Sponsor Introduction Letter
Chart A - Sponsor Record
Chart B - Practice Record

Credit and thanks are given for K B K K practice challenge to Clavier Companion Magazine