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Financial support for students striving to achieve excellence in the musical arts is a primary service provided by HMTA. Our scholarships aim to help with enriching experiences at music camps and workshops of all kinds. They also provide help with the often daunting expense of musical studies at the college level, and with the acquisition of vitally needed professional-quality musical instruments. Read details about our scholarship program, including application procedures.
Our Teachers
HMTA members are skilled teachers in many musical disciplines. They are trained and experienced in their specialties. We have teachers of piano, voice, conducting, music theory, and almost every orchestral and band instrument. CONTACT US if you do not see your instrument in the Members List or if other assistance is needed. We are eager to help find the teacher you need.
A robust musical adventure always includes performance—both as observer and as player, or singer. HMTA sponsors recitals, the Annual HMTA Festival, guest performers, free Helena Symphony vouchers for those who study with our teachers.
HMTA conducts, or sponsors, educational workshops for both teachers and students. Watch the HMTA Events Calandar. CONTACT US and discuss your needs.
HMTA strives to keep up with Helena area sources for music education, information, and suppliers of equipment. If what you need is not found there, we urge you to CONTACT US to request our assistance.
About HMTA
HMTA was established in 1965. The purpose of HMTA is to encourage cooperation among music teachers, to stimulate professional growth, to promote improved standards of teaching, to provide performance and enrichment opportunities for students, and to promote the study of music by the people of the Helena community and the vicinity. More...
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